Monday, August 13, 2012

Life's a Beach

This summer has been unseasonably hot!  What better way to cool off than a beach inspired party.

I used a variety of beach gear to decorate the dessert table;
including towels, pool floaties, a cooler, pails, and shovels.

I found these giant shovels at Target, perfect for serving fruit.

Snow Cone Cupcakes. 
Visit Bakerella's blog for instructions.

Pink Lemonade Cookies 
 I made cookie sandwiches by putting buttercream frosting between
two cookies and dipping the edges in sanding sugar. 

Ice Cream Cones. 
Who doesn't love an ice cream cone on a hot, sunny day!

Ice cold drinks to beat the heat!


Crab Cake Pops
I used Swedish Fish for the claws and found the eyes
in the cake supply section at Michaels.

 Treat your guests to "beach ball" goodie bags. 
Fill them with summer goodies; squirt guns, water balloons, leis, and candy.


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    1. What are you looking for? The circle "beach ball" containers? I found those at Party City.