Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Go Red

Did you know that heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women, causing 1 in 3 deaths each year. That’s approximately one woman every minute!   The American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women movement advocates for more research and swifter action for women’s heart health for this very reason.

In support of the Go Red  movement, my mom and I created this snack table to honor all of the beautiful women in our lives.  We chose foods that are heart healthy - fresh fruits, fresh veggies, nuts, low fat dips and of course dark chocolate and red wine. 
Who knew beets would taste this good when mixed with garlic and chick peas to make this yummy hummus?  The color is so much fun and with the heart shaped tomatoes it makes a healthy snack that will have your guests wanting more.

Red peppers have a sweeter taste than their green cousins and are a great source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A and fiber.  Paired with a low fat ranch dip they make a healthy and tasty snack.

Fresh fruit is always a great option.  Here are some juicy cherries and raspberries.
The jury isn't out on the health  benefits of chocolate yet but there are studies that indicate that it might be a heart healthy choice. We decided to add just a bit of dark chocolate to these yummy raspberries.  They look and taste delicious and we think they are good for your heart and soul.

Delish! Strawberries and pomegranate completed our red fruit choices.

Just a small handful of almonds (about 23 almonds = 1 oz.) may help you maintain a healthy cholesterol level.   We followed a tip from the Almond Board of California and used shot glasses for one serving.  

As we previously mentioned there are studies that indicate dark chocolate might have heart healthy benefits.  We included some chocolate snacks, including this chocolate chex mix.

Another chocolate option was chocolate hearts and M&Ms.

The table wouldn't be complete without a dessert!  Although cake is not a heart healthy option, it is ok to enjoy dessert in moderation. 
We also had a variety of drinks - grape juice with sparkling water, red wine and for a fun alternative, chocolate wine.  Red and purple grape juice along with non-alcoholic red wine may have some of the same heart healthy benefits as red wine might have. As always, if you choose red wine enjoy it in moderation.