Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pink Rosette Ombre Cake

This is one of my favorite cakes that I have made. I love the ombre look, and the rosettes are simple, yet elegant.  The inspiration for this cake came from Ross Sveback.  The recipe and instructions were posted in the Minneapolis, MN Star Tribune News Paper prior to Valentine's Day.

Start by mixing your cake batter.  Depending on how many layers you want your cake to be, remove part of the batter.  Add food coloring to remaining batter.  Remove another portion of the batter.  Add more food coloring and remove more of the batter.  Continue this pattern until you have the batter divided into enough portions to bake as many cake layers as you want.

Here is an example of how your batter should look.  Each layer should be slightly darker than the previous layer.

Mix the frosting for your cake and color the frosting in the same way that you did for the cake batter.

Bake all of the cake layers.  Here are the results of the different colored cake layers.

Stack the cakes and dirty frost to hold in all of the crumbs.

Using a 1M decorating tip and the darkest color frosting create rosettes around the bottom of the cake.

 Continue creating rosettes using the 1M tip, using lighter shades of
frosting as you go towards the top of the cake.

This is what the final cake should look like.  Both the cake layers inside and the frosting on the outside should go from a dark to light shade of color.  This is a very elegant look and simple to create.  Try it out!


  1. I just ran across your blog and am honored that my cake inspired you to create one yourself. Thank you so much - this made my day!

  2. Thank you for the inspiration!!!

  3. This is amazing! I wish I was half as talented as you! You'll have to give me lessons on making amazing desserts!