Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cookies & Cream Cupcakes

For my brother's birthday, I made baseball themed Cookies & Cream cupcakes. 

I baked mini-cupcakes so I bought bite sized Oreos.  I would recommend using full sized Oreos if making regular cupcakes.
 Start by placing oreos into a plastic bag.

Crush the Oreos while they are in the bag.  You may want to use two bags in case one rips/bursts open while you are crushing the oreos.  Another option is to use a food processor to grind the Oreos.  Crush Oreos until you have approximately 1 C. 

Add crushed Oreos to your favorite vanilla cake mix.

For a crunchy addition to the cupcakes, split Oreos in half, remove the cream filling, and place one half of the cookie into the bottom of each cupcake tin.

 Here is what the cupcakes will look like when they are done baking.

I decorated the cupcakes with 3 different designs:
I made one batch of frosting and dyed a third of it green for the grass cupcakes.  The grass cupcakes are very easy to make.  You will need a Wilton #233 frosting tip.  Simply squeeze the frosting onto the cupcakes to fill the entire surface. 
For the baseball cupcakes, start by frosting the cupcake with white frosting and then pipe on the stitching using red piping gel. 
For the New York Yankee logo I melted black Wilton Candy melts and piped the design onto parchment paper.  When the chocolate hardens remove the chocolate from the parchment paper and place on the cupcake.  A helpful tip - draw your design on a piece of paper and place under the parchment paper.  You can then trace the design with the chocolate. 

My brother had a softball tournament on his birthday so shared the cupcakes with the guys.  They were a homerun!  

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