Friday, April 29, 2011

Noah's Ark Dessert/Appetizer Table

For my son's baptism I decided to create a Noah's Ark themed dessert/appetizer table.  I was inspired by Amy Atlas of Amy Atlas Events.  She features AMAZING guest dessert tables on her blog  Check it out sometime if you have a chance.

First I started by deciding on the desserts and appetizers I wanted to serve.  I definitely wanted to have cake so I made this 6" layered cake.  I created the animals with royal icing and the ark was sculpted with Rice Krispie treats and covered with fondant.

The table also featured pizza mini-muffins.  These are a great finger food and super easy to make.  I added pepperoncinis to them for a little extra flavor.

One of my favorite featured desserts were the cookie dough cake balls.  I purchased these from the Sweet Retreat Cupcake Boutique in Edina, MN.  I could have probably eaten this whole tray!  My husband ate more than his fair share of them.  

I also made homemade chex mix and poured it in these cute miniature glasses.  I added green and orange ribbon around the stems to spice them up.

For drinks I purchased lime and tangerine Izze Sodas.  To keep with the Noah's Ark theme I wrapped them with this playful animal paper and added green and orange ribbons to identify the flavor. 

 I also offered candy sticks.  I placed them in a hurricane glass jar which I typically use to hold a candle.  I thought this was a unique way to display the candy sticks and the corks coordinated well with the wooden serving platters.

I wanted to include at least one thing that was healthy so I filled a trifle bowl with fresh veggies.

The table turned out to be a hit at the party!  If anyone is interested in a dessert or appetizer table for a party let me know.  It was so much fun to make and there are endless possibilities!


  1. Um, will you be my mom!? This looks AMAZING!!! You did a great job!!!

  2. Fun party theme! Where did you find those cute little glasses for the chex mix?