Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easter Baskets

Easter is my favorite holiday.  I love the bright colors, the springtime (which means farewell to the snow), and CANDY!  Here are some fun, new items that you may want to get to fill your Easter baskets this year! 
 Peepsters: These are chocolate candies filled with marshmallow cream and they are delicious!  If there is one thing on this page that you decide to try, I would highly recommend these.  They come in both milk and dark chocolate.  I tried the dark chocolate Peepsters.

Here's a photo of the delicious marshmallow center.  We ate the whole bag already, so I'm going to have to get a new one for Easter!

Sour Patch Jelly Beans: I haven't tried these yet, but my husband loves Sour Patch Kids so I thought these would be great for his Easter basket.

Blow Pop Minis: Blow Pop suckers are always a favorite.  These miniatures are easy to eat and have the same great taste.  Their is gum in the center, however I think you would need to eat several to get enough gum to actually chew.

 Here's what the Blow Pop Minis look like.  They are smaller than I had anticipated.  You get quite a few in each pack.

Peeps Rainbow Pop:  I saw this as I was walking down the Easter aisle at the store and just couldn't resist.  This Peep pop is so cute!  It's basically different colored Peeps on a stick.  Peeps remind me of my best friend growing up.  I think this is a must for the Easter basket!

Crayola Colored Bubbles: Ok, so this doesn't have anything to do with candy or sugar but I saw these and thought they would be a fun addition to the Easter basket.  There were only green and orange bubbles left when I saw these at the store, but they come in multiple colors.  Once I got home, I opened them and tried blowing some bubbles.  The bubbles are very colorful, but after trying them out I don't know that I would recommend them for kids unless you are prepared for a mess (see next photo)
I blew some bubbles onto a piece of paper and this is how it turned out.  Looks like paint, right?  If you read the small writing on the bottle it says to wash off surfaces immediately.  Although these are very messy I thought it might be fun if for a kids birthday party if you bought everyone white t-shirts and let them blow bubbles on each other to color their shirts.

Coconut M&Ms: I first tried coconut M&Ms this fall in a single serving bag.  Since then I have been waiting for them to be offered in larger bags and they are finally here for Easter!  If you like coconut and chocolate you will love these M&Ms.

Old Fashioned Candy Sticks: So these aren't new at all but they are so bright and colorful I thought they were a great Easter treat.

Almonds: I thought I should add something somewhat healthy, so I found these flavored almonds.  This bag is a mixture of vanilla & caramel almonds.  They also had a bag of cinnamon & chocolate almonds that would be good.  These almonds are sweet and heart healthy! 

Hippity, hoppity Easters on the way!

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